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Most Common Causes of Water Leaks

A water leak is a problem that many Jacksonville residents experience at least once in their lifetime, but often more than once. Leaks occur due to many causes. They require fast and prompt repair to avoid extensive costs, risks of mold, and other dangers. When you Hear water running Jacksonville FL in the house, it’s time to find the leak and call a professional for a repair.

Leaks in the home may occur due to any number of issues, including:

·    Corroded or rusted pipes are often the culprit of leaks. It is important to schedule annual maintenance service to ensure corroded pipes do not become a concern in your home.

·    Tree roots that grow into the piping system will also lead to leaks and often, even bigger and more expensive problems.

Hear water running Jacksonville FL

·    Lose water connections may also be the cause of the leaks in your home.

·    Too much water pressure can also wreak havoc in the piping system.

·    Broken seals on your appliances can lead to leaks, especially if a seal on the water heater breaks.

The causes of water leaks above are among the most common, but the list certainly isn’t complete. Even a small leak causes major mishap around the house. The leak not only increases the costs of utility bills each month, but also causes considerable damage to the features and components and even the structure of the home.

At the first inclination of a leak in your home, pick up the phone and schedule leak repair service. Professionals have a plethora of tools that can detect the exact location of the leak and get the repair made fast. Do not endure the headaches that you would experience with a leak in the house when it’s so easy to repair.

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